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Doodle Pirate - Chummy Muttonchops

Uploaded: 18/01/2016 01:31:34
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It’s DOODLERIFIC! You can doodle all over us, then wash, and start all over!

 Doodle Toys are so much FUN!

 Each Doodle product comes with colourful Doodle art supplies.

The first ever Doodle Pirate plush that kids can doodle all over then wash and start over,



 Comes with 3 washable markers

 Product Features


  • Arrr! Here be the first ever Doodle Pirates!
  • Each Doodle Pirate comes with three washable markers.
  • Kids can doodle all over their Doodle Pirate plush, then wash and start over!
  • The same quality and wash ability you expect from Doodle Bear.
  • Works with your washing machine and dryer.




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