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Zapf Creation Baby Born Magic Eyes Doll

Uploaded: 18/01/2016 01:31:34
Category: Baby Born
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Baby Born has nine realistic functions that make her look and act like a real baby; she can eat her doll food, drink water from her bottle, go to the toilet in her potty, make facial movements and make sounds depending on her mood. She can also move her arms and legs and doesn’t require batteries so you are able to play with her in the water as well. She is called Baby Born with magic eyes because she can open and close her eyes with the magic pacifier.

Although she has all these technical functions Baby Born is still a baby doll that loves to be kissed and cuddled and paid lots of attention. She still loves to be taken out for walks in the pram and wrapped up in a blanket. The functions she has just makes the whole learning experience of looking after a baby that little more real. Baby Born is suitable for all children over the age of three and would make a fantastic Christmas present this year.

Magic Eyes Baby Born Features

  • Baby Born is just like a real baby enabling life-like mother and child play
  • Nine life-like functions!
  • You can feed her and change her nappy
  • She cries real tears, the eyes open and close and she squeals
  • Waterproof so you can bathe her
  • Accessories include bottle with additional cap, bowl with spoon, potty, 2 dummies / pacifiers (1 being a "magic dummy"), potty, nappy / diaper, doll food and birth certificate
  • Includes birth certificate
  • Size 43cm (17)


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