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Gift Certificate

Uploaded: 18/01/2016 01:30:42
Category: Gift Certificate
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You are purchasing a $30 Gift Certificate from Unique Vintage Prints.

Pass it onto someone who can then choose the prints that they really like.

To purchase the certificate, follow the 3 easy steps
1. Choose which certificate amount you would like to purchase
2. Select and add to basket link
3. At the checkout enter 
           a. The receivers name and email, 
           b. Your name and email and 
           c. Your customised message to the receiver. 
           d. Choose the “pickup” option (to make sure that no postage is charged)

Upon payments, the gift certificate will be emailed to your chosen person.

The person will then be able to spend their gift certificate on any item in our online store by entering the voucher code and pin on checkout! The gift certificate will be valid for three (3) months after the purchase date.

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