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PS2 Mod Chip Installation

Uploaded: 29/07/2012 01:34:18
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  • PS2 Mod Chip Installation
    Product Code (SKU): 0000058
    $155.00 $149.95
    PS2 Mod Chip Installation Service Pickup and delivery within Brisbane.

PS2 Mod Chip Installation Service (includes Mod Chip)

Price includes pickup and delivery of your console within the Brisbane ’Redlands Area’ !!!



Installation service will be for either Modbo 4 or Mars Pro chip. This depends on availability. Please let us know if you would like a specific chip installed.

Mars Pro GM-816HD is an evolutionary modchip of its previous models GM-816 with an Engineering Change of the 32-pin parallel Flash being changed to an 8-pin serial Flash and, an additional function of supporting HD Loader direct boot is embedded.


DVD region free
For playing any region of DVD titles includes Multi-region DVD titles, all you have to do is just insert your DVD movie disc and press RESET button twice for starting.

HD Loader direct boot function supported
By using the Devolution mode, user could have the HD loader being installed in the memory card for HD loader direct boot function.

Multi-disc games & Action Replay’s disc swapping function supported
GM-816 supports disc swapping function which is vital for playing multi-disc games such as Dynasty Warriors 4, as well as cheat-code disc, Action Replay Max for example.

Support variety of Game Emulator and Media Player
Support variety of Game Emulators such as SFC (Super Nintendo) and SEGA Emulator for playing games other than PS games, as well as PS2 Reality Media Player for playing MP3, DivX, MPEG4 and JPEG.

Stealth mode 
After booting, GM-816 will switch off all its data bus outputs into an isolated status to make it invisible from any anti-mod technology.

Superb Media Compatibility
Support variety of media includes CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD 5 and DVD 9 for both PSX and PS2 games.

Price includes pickup and delivery of your console within the Brisbane ’Redlands Area’ !!!




Get this high quality genuine Mars Pro modchip installed in you Playstation 2 today.

Preserve your PS2 games before they all get damaged.


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