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 Store:  RemayneUnique

Store Owner: RemayneUnique        Store Joined: 06/01/2008 18:37:50
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About this Store

Home of Australian made reptile bags for snakes and lizard, herbal flea collars and other great stuff for your pets.

Also selling craft patterns, books and magazines for sewing, knitting, crochet, name it, I've got it somewhere. Some craft supplies available as well.

And - dolls clothes and doll clothes patterns. I have a huge collection of modern and vintage dolls that need to be dressed so this list of products is always growing.
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Cat Jumper - Large (2)
Craft Magazines
Dolls and Bears (17)
Embroidery and Cross Stitch (5)
Homespun (4)
Odds and Ends (53)
Patchwork and Quilting (17)
Crochet (9)
Cross Stitch (2)
Dog Jumper Large (9)
Dog Jumper Medium (9)
Dog Jumper Small (19)
Dog Pajamas (1)
Dog T Shirts (1)
Natural oil flea collar (1)
Patterns (2)
16" Baby Doll (1)
Baby Annabelle, 19" Chou Chou, Hush Lil Baby
Dressing Gowns (2)
Growsuits (3)
One Piece Suit (3)
Two Piece Suits (1)
Baby Born
Dressing Gown (2)
Nappies (1)
Cloaks (1)
Dresses (2)
Pantsuits (8)
Sleeping Bags (1)
Tracksuits (1)
Cabbage Patch
2 Piece Suit (2)
Doll Clothes Patterns (1)
Dressing Gown (1)
Pinafore (3)
T Shirts and Shorts (4)
Tracksuit (4)
Freebies (15)
Cleckheaton (16)
Adult and Family (47)
Children (1)
Other (41)
Patons (1)
Accessories (3)
Adult and Family (26)
Babies and Children (22)
Other Craft (2)
Reptile Bags
Cotton - extra large (3)
Cotton - large (3)
Cotton - medium (1)
Cotton - small (3)
Bargains (11)
Boys (41)
Girls (84)
Simplicity (29)
Infant/Toddler (8)
Simplicity (7)
Unisex (9)
Costumes (5)
Burda (1)
Kwiksew (54)
McCalls (1)
Simplicity (3)
Unisex (9)
Dresses (28)
Simplicity (46)
Vogue (2)
Make It Easy (15)
Mix N Match (23)
McCalls (2)
Simplicity (31)
Vogue (2)
Nightwear/Lingerie/Swimwear (16)
Shirts/Tops/Jackets/Vests/Coats/Capes (25)
Simplicity Shirts Tops Jackets Vests Coats Capes (19)
Vogue Shirts Tops Jackets Vests Coats Capes (1)
Skirts/Pants/Shorts (22)
Updates & Promotions
  • Knit and crochet patterns
    check out the huge range of patterns Remayne has for the whole family. Great for being productive on those cold winter nights curled up in front of the heater.
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    Posted : 10/08/2011 20:04:52

  • Snuggle bags for guinea pigs
    Your little piggies will love you if you buy them their own snuggle bag for Winter. Helps cut down on death from chills in the cage. And they're just so cute burrowed down inside their bags chatting amongst themselves.
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    Posted : 14/07/2011 08:31:28

  • New Sewing Patterns
    Heaps added and being added daily. Grab a sewing pattern for a fraction of store price.
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    Posted : 02/06/2011 19:56:50

  • Dog and Cat Jumpers
    Remayne has just bought a heap of dark purple, pink spotted and even a pirate print polar fleece. Great for snuggly dog jumpers. There's also a heap of red and black left to be used, plus some brilliant hot pink if you ask her for it. Spoil your furbaby now and grab them a gorgeous warm jumper before the cold weather hits.
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    Posted : 17/03/2011 11:10:34

  • Knit and Crochet Patterns
    Remayne has been working hard to update and add to the current knitting and crochet patterns in the store. She's added heaps of patterns and extra pictures to the listings so buyers can get a better idea of the patterns included. Plus don't forget, Winter will be here sooner than we think. If you live in Vic, maybe tomorrow. Keep your pets snuggly warm with a polar fleece jumper made to size.
    Enter store website >>

    Posted : 08/02/2011 17:12:17

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